LiveBarn Partnership - Sport Média

Live Barn and Sport Media partnership

Restore life and access to sports programs in arenas

18 September 2020

L’aréna de Saint-Damien passe en mode virtuel

Sport-Media Marketing, leader in display advertising solutions in more than 350 arenas and sports complexes in Quebec and 750 in Ontario through its partner Futursign Inc., is pleased to announce the execution of a strategic partnership with LiveBarn , a company that provides live and on-demand broadcasting of sporting events for young people and amateurs. In times of pandemic with the restriction on the capacity of arenas to 250 people, Sport-Média and LiveBarn will allow the viewing of sports programs in arenas. The agreement will allow the installation of a fully automated sports program delivery system (broadcast + digital advertising), inside the majority of arenas in Quebec and Ontario. This initiative will allow parents, coaches and players to see the games or practices in the places where LiveBarn equipment will be installed. LiveBarn will allow subscribers to see events live, watch them on demand for a period of 30 days following the initial broadcast, share highlights and download games. “Many people fear for their health and it can be difficult to get around public places in these times of a pandemic,” said Alexandre Depatie, president of Sport-Média. “With the initiative developed with LiveBarn, you will be able to watch your youngster at their hockey game or figure skating directly from your TV, tablet or mobile device. You will even be able to watch in replay on demand, the match that you yourself played ”. The absence of spectators affects not only parents, coaches and players, but also arena owners and managers. This has also disrupted the world of display advertising at sporting events. This partnership therefore makes it possible for advertisers to exclusively purchase one or more advertising placements at local and / or national level, during the broadcast of selected events. LiveBarn is installed at no charge to the arena, and subscribers pay a monthly or annual subscription fee for unlimited live and on-demand access to the entire LiveBarn network.